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Kung Fu Kids

Kung-Fu Kids is a great way to introduce kids to the world of Kung-Fu. Our Kung-Fu Kids program combines, basic kung-fu, and developmentally appropriate activities in a fun and exciting format. It's a great way for children with lots of energy to start Kung-Fu and learn about focus, self-control and respect. Each child gets the opportunity to learn, practice, participate and hone their skills at their own pace, physical ability, and mental level of development.

Emphasis is placed on preparing these students for the future with Martial Arts exercises and drills that foster confidence, self-esteem, self-control, self defense, conflict resolution, goal setting, teamwork, and a solid respect for themselves and others. For more information on our kids program call 276-679-0625.

Classes run at a fast pace so that children stay active and interested and not bored with alot of instructional chatter. Classes are 45 minutes long and keep the children in constant motion with very little standing around time.

Testing is about every six weeks with the children earning a colored stripe then earning a solid color sash. Classes run during the school year from August thru May with no classes during summer break because kids also need time off to recharge there bodies and minds.

How to tie sash

Start with one end hanging around your knee and wrap around until you have both end about the same length. Take the end you just wrapped and tuck it under the rest of the sash and out the top. Then tuck it again until you have a small loop sticking out the top. Take the bottom end of the sash and bring it up through the loop and pull down. Below is a short video you can watch to help you tie your sash.

Stripe Placement

Kids stripe bars go on the right side bottom of the kung fu top. They will run across the uniform as you earn more stripes. They can be applied with an iron as a heat transfer but I would recommend you sew them on so that they won't come off in the wash. Refer to the picture above for placement or ask an instructor at class.

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